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Weed Control Is Our Specialty

Got Weeds In Your Yard?

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Weed Control Is A MUST In Georgia!

Without Proper Lawn Care, Your Yard's Health Will Suffer

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You will start seeing results after the FIRST treatment.

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Hi, my name is Ryan!

I will answer the phone when you call. I've been maintaining lawns weed free for overĀ 10 years.

Providing the best, Lawn Care in Johns Creek is my passion I look forward to helping you.

Our Resume Is Impressive

Providing excellent results to the local Johns Creek and surrounding community has allowed Absolute Green to establish a strong reputation for attention to detail and leading customer service.

Studies at UGA and continuing education hours, credits and exams keep our licensure with the Georgia Department of Agriculture up-to-date, our knowledge sharp and our skills top-notch.


Some Of Our Distinguishing Characteristics

1. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

2. No Contract

3. Small, Family Operated Business

4. Determined To Provide Excellent Service

5. Friendly And Approachable Owner & Staff

6. Local Contractor

Want To See Some Proof Of Our Work?

Excellence Through Experience... Proven At Every Job

Some Of Our Most Recent Work

Broomsedge Control in John’s Creek

Brief Explanation:

Broomsedge is an extremely resilient, impossible to kill weed, requiring hand pulling for eradication. Our customer struggled with a yard pocked with Broomsedge.

Over the course of several months, our customer was extremely happy to report that his lawn was weed free. All it took was a little time and elbow grease.

Lawn Maintenance in John’s Creek

Brief Explanation:

This customer had a huge weed problem two years ago, when he signed up for our services. After Just a handful of visits, we were able to eliminate his weed problem completely.

Though these pictures were taken in the fall, when the grass had gone dormant, you can still see the thickness and fullness of his grass, which is completely weed free! Our solution was simple: identify his specific weeds, and personalize our treatments to eradicate his particular weed problem.

John’s Creek Yard Care

Brief Explanation:

This customer is extremely happy with the beautiful lawn that we have maintained for him over the years. His yard was an eye-sore, tangled with weeds and dead grass, in the middle of the neighborhood.

Over time our personalized, chemical-specific weed treatment plan left his yard the yard to envy. Side-by-side pictures illustrate how his yard stands out still, but in a much better way…

More Proof Of Our Work Can Be Seen Throughout The Website Pages

More Jobs, Pictures And Local References Are Available Upon Request

What Have Some Of Our Customers Been Saying?

Have A Look For Yourself... 5 Star Ratings And Glowing Reviews

Anna Becoat

Johns Creek, GA

Date: Aug 15, 2018
We have been using the Absolute Green for about 2 months and we are thrilled with the results. We had a major problem with weeds and after 2 applications I can see the tremendous improvement. Also as an added bonus what I love about them is the fact that there is no contract... you pay as you go.

Services Provided

Lawn Care Service


Johns Creek

Date: Apr 11, 2018
Great service and great customer service! I have dogs and ask them to give me an idea of when they will be out for each service. I always get an email and text (which I requested) the day before the service, and also a text when they are headed my way. Also, just signed up with these guys a month ago. They just finished my last treatment. My lawn had gotten a little out of control and it's already looking much better! Also, one thing I appreciate quite a bit... I know nothing about lawn/weed care. I was upfront from the beginning that I really wanted to get my lawn looking good and asked what other services/treatments they might have available. Turns out, I didn't need to spend anymore money, other than the service I was paying for (they offer others). I sincerely appreciate their honesty, and not being "up sold". Definitely recommend!

Nicole Neill

Johns Creek, GA

Date: Jul 10, 2018
Absolute Green is awesome!! My lawn was a mess and after only two treatments, it's green and the weeds are dead. I can say that this is by far the best lawn service I've ever used and will continue to use. Professional, courteous and amazing results. I couldn't ask for more!!

Services Provided

Residential Lawn Care & Weed Control

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We take pride in assisting customers in making educated choices regarding their lawn care in Johns Creek. If you're wondering how to get the most out of your lawn? How to achieve that golf-course-grass look at your home? Or how to maintain a year-round, weed free, healthy lawn... Calling us is the right move.

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The Right Decision Has Never Been Easier

You've probably seen the lawn care products in big box stores. You've probably bought some and tried to tackle that tangle of weeds by yourself. You may have noticed how quickly the cost for those products will add up. You may have also noticed that the weeds persist regardless of your best efforts.

Did you know that my professional services are generally less expensive than what it would cost you to buy the products and perform the service yourself?

In this case the DIY'er is going to end up with a big box store bill, a yard full of persistent weeds and elevated blood pressure.

We will not only provide optimal weed control services, we'll also save you money. Your yard will look great, and... you'll likely be spared from an increase in blood pressure.

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Call Us: (404) 724-5260

Text Us: (404) 724-5260

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Send Us A Written Letter

Absolute Green Johns Creek Lawn Care

Johns Creek, GA 30022


Just in case you're still wondering if this is the right service for you... You can rest assured that we've serviced hundreds of local customers. We've been in the area for nearly 10 years and boast high ratings and review on all of the major online citations.

Furthermore... You have nothing to lose! We don't require a contract. If we don't quickly prove our expertise to you with excellent lawn fertilization and effective weed control, then you're not locked into a service agreement.


1. What Is Your Price?


Our pricing structure varies widely based on your individual needs. When we come visit your property, we'll be able to better evaluate a cost-effective plan that works within your budget.

In many cases I can give an estimate over the phone. By utilizing satellite technology and premium software I am able to measure most properties on my computer. In this case I'm willing to give a ballpark price. This however is subject to adjusting once I visit your property.

2. How Often Do You Service A Home In A Year?


We've found that the best results can be attained by following a schedule with 8 applications annually. This allows us to apply the right herbicide at the right time. The right pre-emergent in the right season. And nutrient rich fertilizer when appropriate.

All of this results in an optimally cared for lawn. The results speak for themselves.

3. What Distinguishes Your Company From Others?


A big part of the battle against your weeds is won with the right products. This is where we excel in the industry. It you take fertilizer into consideration, many companies find it cost effective and beneficial to use a liquid fertilizer. It is faster to spray. It is cheaper to buy. It is also an inferior product.

Take notice what we use to fertilize with when we service your yard. You'll see us apply a granulated fertilizer. These potent little pellets are engineered to act in a slow release manner that result in long lasting fertilizer effectivity.

It takes us longer to apply the granules. It also costs us more in overhead to provide them. We wouldn't do it any other way however. It is simply a superior product and we provide a superior service.

4. How Is Payment Arranged?


We provide an online portal that allows you to have access to your invoices. This makes billing convenient. We accept major credit cards

5. How Will I Know When You Come To Service My Home?


We stay ahead of the weather forecast in order to maximize the potential of our chemical applications. You will be alerted via email prior to the day of your service. This allows you to not only know when we'll be servicing your property, but also gives you an opportunity to prepare specific questions that we can address on our next visit.

We'll often times find ourselves in enjoyable conversation with our customers before/during and after our service visits. We encourage you to let us know how effective you feel our services have been. Nearly always, the feedback is very positive as clients stand in astonishment over the transformation of their yard.