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Johns Creek

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John’s Creek Yard Care

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Job Details

Location of Job: Johns Creek
When: March 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Weed Control, Fertilization, Aeration
Brief Explanation

This long-time customer was concerned initially about his Yard Care in John's Creek, because his house was situated on a very visible section of his neighborhood. Rather than pay exorbitant HOA fees and be 'that house', he asked for Absolute Green's services.

Weed Control and Fertilization

Our job was two-fold: weed control and lawn fertilization. We first targeted the specific weeds in his yard, using weed specific chemicals, and then followed up with the right fertilizer to enrich his specific type of lawn. After only a short period, we were able to have his grass be the envy of the neighborhood, and our company offered as a referral to many neighbors.

Lawn Aeration

We have continued to treat his lawn through the years, and have also begun aerating it, to maximize the various chemical's potential.

My customer took this picture to show the difference in his yard, compared to his neighbor's. The contrast is undeniable. His yard is weed-free, lush, and uniformly green, even though this picture was taken early in the spring, before it's full green potential! We are glad to keep him happy with his yard, year after year, and be the best service for lawn care in John's Creek.

After Photos

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Johns Creek, GA
Client Testimonial
We are so happy with Ryan and his crew. Our grass was noticeably greener than our neighbors this past summer. Ryan is friendly and quick to respond and goes the extra mile! Highly recommend using Absolute Green! ~ Sarah Pickell - Johns Creek, GA

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