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Location of Job: John's Creek
When: Feb 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Residential Lawn Care, Weed Control
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Lawn Maintenance in John’s Creek
John’s Creek Yard Care
Brief Explanation

The lawn maintenance of this customer's yard was both interesting and unique. His yard was infested with a variety of different weeds, but one of particular note was Broomsedge. Characterized by it's extreme resilience to herbicides, Broomsedge can only be killed by products which also kill grass.

Personal Touch

To maintain the grass's health, while also removing every weed, we had no choice but weed the Broomsedge by hand. Broomsedge is a difficult weed to predict, however, as it networks beneath the soil, prior to outbreak. This covert, underground networking makes it an extremely difficult weed to predict and eliminate with pulling. However, we are dedicated and determined. During each service, we carefully inspected the yard for Broomsedge. Any appearance was immediately eliminated. Over the course of several months we were able to eliminate every weed in the yard, as well as the stubborn, resilient Broomsedge.

We're The Best

The hands-on, personalized approach we take to our customer's yards sets us apart from our competitors. It's is more labor-intensive, and time-consuming to pull weeds, but when it is needed to keep our customer's yards weed-free, we happily do it. It's because of the time and tedium that we can honestly say that our lawn maintenance in John's Creek is simply the best.

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Johns Creek, GA
Client Testimonial
We are so happy with Ryan and his crew. Our grass was noticeably greener than our neighbors this past summer. Ryan is friendly and quick to respond and goes the extra mile! Highly recommend using Absolute Green! ~ Sarah Pickell - Johns Creek, GA

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