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Location of Job: John's Creek
When: Nov 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Weed Control, Lawn Maintenance
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John’s Creek Yard Care
Brief Explanation

We began the lawn maintenance of this customer in the spring of 2015. Initially, his yard had more weeds than grass. The main weed problems he faced were Henbit and Bluegrass.


Henbit is particularly noticeable in the springtime, as it returns annually with short, paired, purple flower petals. Interestingly enough, this weeds' broad leaves are actually edible.


Georgia is well known for it's annually returning Bluegrass weed. It's actually nicknamed po'anner, a slang version of it's scientifc name, poa annua. Numerous seeds on the blade tip characterize the po'anner, or Bluegrass weed.

Most of the Bluegrass and Henbit weeds were eliminated after just a few treatments. Our rapid, meticulous results ensured our customer's great satisfaction. We've been able to maintain his yard, weed-free, for over 2 years. That's the type of results you can expect with Absolute Green's Yard Care in John's Creek.

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Johns Creek, GA
Client Testimonial
We are so happy with Ryan and his crew. Our grass was noticeably greener than our neighbors this past summer. Ryan is friendly and quick to respond and goes the extra mile! Highly recommend using Absolute Green! ~ Sarah Pickell - Johns Creek, GA

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